Distinctive Prefab Homes Built
for the Mountains

At the heart of the business, SmartPads is a custom home builder. Every design we offer began as a custom home for a client. Having already built these homes, we are able to offer them at a cost and time savings to you. If you have a different vision for your home, our Design-Build service is the answer to bringing that vision to life.

Looking for the perfect home that matches your unique vision and lifestyle? In addition to the…

The Sunlight is the signature SmartPads luxury home with a spacious interior, massive window sets for big views, and a large site-built deck.  

The Redhawk is the epitome of the mountain home for entertaining with thoughtfully placed bedrooms, an open floor plan, and an ADU attached for a caretaker or extra guests. 

The Fairview was designed to maximize privacy and views in more traditional neighborhoods with street frontage, and has become a source of inspiration for many of our custom design-build homes. 

The Winter Park was designed for one of our earliest customers who wanted to accommodate their family and all their friends. This design prioritizes space for entertaining along with plenty of bedrooms.

The Skyview is for those looking to maximize square footage on a compact lot and to take advantage of big views. 

Like Emerald Mountain packs a lot into a small mountain, this design packs a lot of home into an efficient space while maximizing outdoor living.

The Wasatch prioritizes bedrooms for the large family or weekenders bringing along their friends, and is a flexible design that allows for customization in the floorplan.

Named after our very first customer, this design is a versatile concept that allows for full modular construction, or a hybrid of site-built/modular construction depending on your build site. 

 The Steamboat is the most straightforward multi-modular home as far as onsite construction, so for those seeking efficiency, but not wanting to skimp on comfort, this is the home for you.

The Leadville is our most popular home for a good reason. This plan was designed to create a home that is both spacious and functional in one plug-and-play module. 

 The Summit is a solution-driven design– its verticality works with tight lots, and the minimal excavation and efficient foundation works for tight budgets. 

The Evergreen is Leadville’s little brother. Its efficient use of space allows for a comfortable home that is just under the magic 800 SQ/FT threshold for ADUs. 

The Fraser Duplex takes advantage of verticality, limiting the on-site footprint, and offering the potential for stunning views from two 3rd floor primary suites. 

The Copper Ridge is a workhorse that helps make mountain living a reality for the workers in our communities where inventory is tight and the cost to build is high.

This 432 SQ/FT 1BD/1BA + sleeping loft home is the perfect tiny home or caretaker unit…