SmartSheds: Luxury Sheds for the Mountains

Make Your Home Work for You

With high interest rates and limited housing inventory – many of us are left trying to solve the need for that little bit of extra space. A quiet space where you can have a productive work day, tune your skis or bikes, or practice yoga in solitude. Maybe you have visions for your own art or music studio where creativity rules, or a playroom where nobody notices if the toys are left out. SmartShed offers a simple yet stylish solution to meet these diverse needs. Crafted with the utmost attention to detail and a commitment to simplicity, our sheds combine practicality with sophistication.

  • SIZE

    117 SQ/FT




    French or Slider

  • Conduit

    to Connect Electricity

  • Insulated

    for Winter Weather

  • Engineered

    for The Mountains

A Shed to Meet Your Needs

How are you going to use your SmartShed? Our company is based in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, so we know a thing or two about the mountain lifestyle. The possibilities go far beyond just storage sheds, although mountain living does lead to owning a lot of gear! Check with your local building or planning departments to verify allowable uses and permitting requirements.

Designed for Durability

Our SmartSheds are engineered to withstand the rigor of harsh mountain climates. Designed to stand up to heavy snow loads, strong winds, and ever-changing weather patterns, our sheds provide the protection and durability you need. We’ve left no detail untouched to ensure your SmartShed will stand the test of time.

Enhance Your Property

A SmartShed can enhance your resale value by adding both functional and aesthetic appeal to your property. These elegantly designed and versatile multi-use sheds serve as more than just storage spaces; they offer additional living, working, or recreational areas that set your property apart. 

Personalized Finish Options

We understand that no two mountain environments are the same. That’s why we offer customization options, allowing you to adapt your shed to your specific needs. Choose the materials and size that fit your vision of mountain living.

Building Track Record

SmartSheds was developed by SmartPads, who has a track record as a prefab home builder in the Mountain West. SmartPads started in Colorado, and we are now moving into Montana, Idaho, Utah, Wyoming and Arizona. We are deeply committed to enhancing your lifestyle. We leverage our experience in prefab construction to deliver you the ultimate structure. Our SmartSheds are crafted with quality, care, and an understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities presented by mountain living.


A SmartShed is a high-quality, well-designed structure that can offer more than just storage space. SmartSheds feature premium materials, modern aesthetics, and customizable options to create a versatile living or working space. Unlike regular storage sheds, SmartSheds are designed to enhance your lifestyle and property’s value.

SmartSheds have a wide range of uses, including:

  • Home Office
  • Guest Room
  • Art Studio
  • Gym or Fitness Center
  • Ski and Bike Tuning Space
  • Entertainment Room
  • Meditation or Yoga Space
  • Hobby or Craft Room
  • Pool House
  • Library or Reading Nook
  • Garden Retreat
  • Music Practice Room
  • Home Bar
  • Wine Tasting Room
  • Home Library
  • Kids' Playroom
  • Man Cave or She Shed
  • Collector's Display
  • Off-grid Retreat
  • Workshop

We offer a variety of customization options including exterior finishes, interior finishes, and SmartPassage ports. You can personalize your SmartShed to match your style, existing property, and functional requirements.

Our SmartSheds are insulated and weatherproofed, making them suitable for year-round use in most climates. With proper insulation and a heating/cooling system of your choosing/implementation, you can enjoy your luxury shed in all seasons.

Permit requirements vary depending on your location and the size of the shed. We recommend checking with your local building department to determine if a permit is required. In most cases, SmartSheds are considered a temporary structure, and because they don’t have Electrical, Plumbing, or Heating/Cooling, they do not require a permit.

For ease of installation on your property, we do not install Electrical, Plumbing, or Heating/Cooling. We do however integrate our SmartPassage system allowing you to pass through cords, cables, etc to quickly and easily light or heat your space as needed or as permissible by code.

$23,500 plus shipping, not including upgrades.

It’s simple. Order now and we’ll follow up with a contract and invoice. Once that is returned we’ll start building your shed!

The timeline for building and installing a luxury shed can vary based on the size, complexity, and customization options chosen. Typically, the process can take several weeks from the initial order to completion. Our team will provide you with a more accurate timeframe based on your specific project.

Currently, we do not provide financing options.

We are committed to sustainable practices and offer eco-friendly options. Because we build in a controlled facility, waste is minimal in building your SmartShed.

We ship your SmartShed directly to your property from our plant in Vernal, Utah.  Shipping typically costs $5/mile, but can be lower if we can deliver multiple sheds along the way. Depending on the location of your property, the Shed can be set into place in your preferred location. In some cases where accessibility is a challenge, your SmartShed may need to be craned into position.

Alternatively, you can pick your SmartShed up directly from our facility by scheduling a time with our team.

While it’s possible to place your SmartShed directly on the ground, it’s generally not recommended. Placing your shed on bare earth can lead to moisture issues, uneven settling, and a shorter lifespan for the shed. It’s advisable to have a stable, well-prepared foundation. There are several options to consider:

- Concrete Slab: A concrete slab provides the most durable and level surface. We recommend this choice for larger luxury sheds and sheds where the aesthetics aren't as important.

- Deck or Wood Platform: A wooden deck or platform will enhance the appeal of your SmartShed, and is a great option for a level surface.  

- Gravel Pad: A gravel pad is a more cost-effective option that allows for good drainage.

- Pavers or Patio Stones: Pavers or Patio Stones can serve as a suitable foundation for your SmartShed. Ensure they are placed on a well-compacted and level base to provide stability and prevent settling

It’s essential to ensure that the ground is level and well-prepared before placing your SmartShed. An uneven surface can cause structural issues and make it difficult to operate windows and doors. It’s advisable to hire professionals or use proper leveling tools if needed.

Moisture issues can be mitigated by ensuring proper drainage around your luxury shed’s foundation. Additionally, you can opt for a moisture barrier to be added to the underside of your SmartShed.

Designing homes for mountain climates is our specialty and that expertise is carried over to our SmartSheds. Walls have an insulation value of R27, Ceilings R39, and floors R30. You can opt for closed-cell foam insulation as an upgrade option. Base insulation options include continuous insulation to minimize air leakage and maintain a tight thermal envelope.

If you plan to move your luxury shed in the future, consider using a more portable foundation option like a wooden deck or gravel pad. This will make it easier to disassemble and relocate your shed if necessary.

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