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SmartPads was established in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, with our indoor building facility located in Vernal, Utah. Specializing in luxury prefabricated houses engineered for mountain climates, we deliver homes across Colorado, Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Utah, New Mexico, and Arizona.

SmartPads is proud to offer custom modular homes to all of the mountain towns in Colorado and much of the Mountain West. You can find our homes in Leadville, Dillon, Carbondale, Winter Park, Eagle, Telluride, Steamboat Springs, Buena Vista, Ridgeway, and Norwood. If you’re building in the Mountain West, we can deliver to you!

We all know the challenges associated with building custom homes and know that building in flat, populated, and accessible areas typically result in being the most affordable options. For those looking to build a home in mountain towns, it is important to work with a building company that understands the challenges and knows the best approach to building a luxury dwelling in these conditions. SmartPads has created a solution for mountain towns in Colorado and the West, who face unique challenges such as accessibility, weather, and limited local labor when building homes. Building a prefab home (or modular) simply means the home is built offsite and shipped to the building location. SmartPads is able to build custom, luxury, prefab homes at a designated building facility and deliver them to the location at nearly 95% complete. This minimizes the need for extended on-site labor and streamlines the building process by nearly 200%. Not only are our homes built faster, but they are also often stronger than site-built homes as they are engineered for craning and trucking. Now let’s talk price. SmartPads homes are sold at a fixed cost, and the on-site work is completed by a local General Contractor. While SmartPads is happy to refer GC’s, the on-site costs are not pre-determined, as each site and design plan has different requirements.

Interested in learning more about SmartPads? Our team is happy to provide answers to your questions and help you take steps towards your dream of living in the mountains!


Aspen is known for its skiing, shopping, fine dining, and high prices. In a town like Aspen, building a home comes with many obstacles, the primary being budget. When building a custom home in Aspen, build times are often 16-24 months, and finding contractors and sub-contractors is a continual struggle. As you can imagine, with this long of build time, budgets typically are exceeded and often times doubled! At SmartPads, we build the homes off-site and deliver them to the home site. We are able to build the home at a fixed price (which is approximately 40% of the overall cost) and deliver the home to the site 95% complete. This building method not only allows us to build a higher-quality product, but we can also build the home in as little as 3 months! Once the home is delivered to the site, a local General Contractor is in charge of completing any remaining items, such as landscaping and the building of decks, balconies, and garages. Typically, these final items only take a few weeks’ time before the home is fully complete and ready to move in!

The resort town of Aspen is well-known as one of the world’s leading ski destinations. It is situated in the Roaring Fork Valley amongst the Elk Mountain in central Colorado. At nearly 8,000 feet, Aspen is an outdoor playground for people of all ages. Skiing, luxurious dining, and a diverse variation of high-end and eclectic shopping are a few of the main attractions that bring avid travelers and well-known celebrities to Aspen. Although Aspen only has a population of roughly 6,600 people, there are nearly 100 restaurants and bars for locals and visitors to enjoy, providing an option for every palate. In the late nineteenth century, Aspen became a hub for folks looking to strike it rich during the silver boom. In 1887, Aspen became the first town in Colorado to provide electricity to the whole town, however soon after, the town was devastated and almost transformed into a ghost town by the demonetization of silver.

With ranchers and farmers occupying the town until the 1930s, skiing was then introduced and began attracting a variety of people, including hippies, high-rollers, and cowboys. In 1946, the Aspen Skiing Corporation was founded and it has completely transformed the town. Skiing in Aspen offers access to four distinct mountains: Snowmass, Ajax, Highlands, and Buttermilk. Snowmass is now the second largest ski resort in the nation, making it a hub for adventure lovers. 

Aspen sees nearly 300 days of sunshine a year, providing the ideal setting for year-round activities. In the warmer months, locals and visitors enjoy activities such as rafting, biking, hiking, fishing, skiing, and rock climbing. In the winter, this luxurious resort town can expect an average of nearly 300 inches of snowfall, which leads many to world-class skiing, snowmobiling, ice fishing, and much more! 

Accessing the town of Aspen by car is very easy in the summertime. There are multiple routes to town, including Independence Pass, which is the highest paved road in North America. When the winter hits, Independence Pass closes, and access becomes a bit more limited. Often times, visitors choose to fly to Aspen, taking advantage of the 4 airports nearby, 1 of which includes the Aspen/Pitkin County Airport, which is conveniently only 3 miles from downtown Aspen.


SmartPads provides a smart and efficient building solution to the Vail Valley. We started SmartPads as a solution to the Colorado housing crisis and channeled our focus to help numerous mountain communities. Building a custom home in any location can be cumbersome and the challenges are elevated in Colorado mountain communities. With an average build time for traditional stick-frame homes of 16-24 months, weather and maintaining a consistent crew of workers can be an endless struggle. Not only are you forced to pay significantly more for labor, materials and design fees, but also the quality of the build can be compromised when managing this many variables over the course of 2 years. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

The benefits of using SmartPads in the Vail Valley are plentiful. We build and design our custom homes with the best available materials, ensuring every home is highly-efficient, eco-friendly, luxurious, built within 3-4 months, and delivered at a fixed price.

We use modular technology to build our homes, meaning we build them off-site and deliver them to the home site. Our homes are constructed the same way as traditional builds, using a wood frame.

So why do we build offsite? Although many have preconceived notions about “modular” or “prefab” technology, there are some significant advantages:

In 1962, Vail Ski Resort was founded and 4 years later the town of Vail was incorporated. Vail is nestled in the Rocky Mountains and located under 100 miles from Denver, making it one of the most accessible resorts in the state. It sits at an elevation of 8,150 feet in Eagle County and is surrounded by the White River Nat’l Forest with the Eagle River flowing through town. It has a population of approximately 5,400 people, with the population surging to nearly 10,000 during the busy winter months.

Vail was modeled after European ski towns with an emphasis on pedestrian walkways and accessibility. With the easy-to-roam layout, there are also over 100 restaurants and nightclubs in town, making it a popular destination for dining and nightlife. Vail also offers its guests the largest free bus system in the United States which connects Vail with neighboring towns. End the day with fine dining and a lively nightlife after spending the day taking advantage of the world-class skiing that Vail Resort offers.

Vail has become one of the most popular ski destinations in the world and is the largest single mountain ski resort in the nation. With 31 lifts, 193 trails, and the longest run being 4 miles long, the resort has an appeal for enthusiasts of all ages. In the summertime, ski trails are transformed into mountain biking paths and bikers can ride the gondola up the mountain and enjoy the exhilarating ride down. Vail is also popular among avid golfers as there are numerous courses nearby.

Finally, Vail hosts many annual events that are popular among locals and visitors. Whether you are looking for quality food, beverages, fine art, or a rodeo, Vail is sure to offer an event to suit your taste


With over 20 years of real estate development and sales experience in Steamboat Springs, the SmartPads team has created a solution for building luxurious residential housing at an attainable price that is relevant across the state of Colorado.  Historically, building quality homes in mountain communities has been exceedingly more expensive than building on the front range or somewhere down the valley. The higher prices are typically a result of longer construction periods, higher shipping costs for materials, and little-to-no availability when looking to hire a consistent crew of contractors and sub-contractors. And of course, then there’s also the mountain weather to factor into the process.

How has SmartPads overcome these challenges? SmartPads utilizes modular technology as a way to build upscale homes at a feasible price. Our homes are built with the same materials as a site-built home, however they are constructed at a higher level of strength because of the need to transport the home to the site. This translates to a stronger, more efficient home that offers top-of-the-line finishes, materials, and designs. Because we build the homes at our facility, we can build at a significantly lower cost and deliver a completed home in as little as 3-4 months. The biggest savings that our clients experience are a result of our fixed price guarantee. Once you select your plans and finishes, SmartPads never changes the price of the home. Taking away this cost variable results in less risk, resulting in comfort for our clients. Banks and lenders also love SmartPads homes, making a SmartPads home an ideal candidate for a construction loan.

Now, you might be wondering, what is the resale value for a SmartPads prefab home? The value of our homes has been proven in a variety of markets. We have seen our homes resold at record prices in communities throughout the state of Colorado, with benchmark sales in Steamboat Springs, Hayden, Leadville, and Winter Park. Want to learn more? 

The historic town of Steamboat Springs is located approximately 160 miles Northwest of Denver and is situated in the Yampa Valley. With national forest and wilderness areas surrounding the town, Steamboat is the perfect destination for adventurers. Originally an agricultural town, the area now houses nearly 14,000 residents and offers a unique blend of western heritage, friendly locals, and avid athletes.

Known by many as Ski Town USA, Steamboat has produced 95 winter Olympians and counting, making Ski Town USA home to more winter Olympians than any other town in North America. The champagne powder attracts visitors from around the globe in search of exceptional winter activities. The Steamboat Resort is one of the largest ski mountains in North America and offers nearly 3,000 acres of terrain with 165 trails, 18 lifts, and ski opportunities for all ages and skill levels.

In the early 1900s, Steamboat was known as a summer destination with its incredible access to fishing, hunting, and natural hot springs. To this day, it is still a hub for nature lovers. When the snow melts, the mountains are filled with bikers, hikers, rafters, and climbers. The Yampa River, which runs through town, is also a premier destination for fishing, floating, and enjoyment. For those looking to get out of town, access to nature is plentiful. Whether you are looking for the perfect place to hunt, fish, camp, or swim, the options are endless around Steamboat.


SmartPads is the premier building option in Crested Butte. Like many other secluded mountain towns, we are able to solve many challenges for those looking to build a home. Building a home in Crested Butte poses challenges such as limited local labor, expensive build times, and budget blowouts. Not only is it difficult to find laborers, but the ones you find in town are also going to cost a fortune. We build our homes off-site and deliver them to the homesite, proving a much more efficient, timely, and quality build. Not only are we able to deliver a higher quality product in less time, but we are also able to do it with a fixed budget. This means once the plans and finishes are selected for the home, the price does not change. As the home portion of a new build typically accounts for 50-60% of the overall budget, having a fixed cost is a huge benefit for home buyers. 

Crested Butte, which sits at 8,885 feet, was founded as a mining town and was home to coal mines and silver mines in the late 1800s. As mines shut down, Crested Butte lost most of its inhabitants until 1961, when Crested Butte Mountain Resort brought a surge of new energy to the Gunnison Valley. This brought the population from 200 to nearly 2,000.  Skiing in Crested Butte is world-class and it has been named the “Best Ski Town” by publications and resources. It is also unique because it is one of the few family-owned resorts still in operation. This remarkable resort offers 1,500 acres of trails and the steepest cut run in North America. Rambo is approximately 53 degrees in pitch and the perfect adventure for thrill-seeking ski enthusiasts. If you’re looking for a longer run, the longest run on the resort is 2.6 miles and acts as a popular first run of the day for many. Another claim-to-fame is the Nordic Ski opportunities in Crested Butte. Known as the Nordic Ski Capital of Colorado, there are over 55 kilometers of trails that begin in town and lead to numerous surrounding areas.

Summertime activities revolve around the outdoors. Whether you are looking for horseback riding, fishing, camping, mountain biking, hiking, or climbing, Crested Butte provides an array of trails and opportunities to meet your needs. It was also designated the “Wildflower Capital of Colorado,” so anywhere you turn, you will see a plethora of beautiful wildflowers!

Elk Avenue, which is the main street in downtown Crested Butte, is lined with historic buildings and original homes and saloons, providing Colorado’s eight largest Historic Landmark District. It contains plenty of places to eat and drink, including the award-winning Montanya Rum Distillers.

Accessing Crested Butte is significantly easier in the warmer, drier months. It is located on the Western Slope, in the Southwest region of Colorado, and is about a 4-hour drive from Denver. For those traveling by plane, it is a quick 30-minute drive from Gunnison or 90 minutes from Montrose.


What is the SmartPads advantage in Telluride?  Telluride is so isolated that the cost to build a home is extremely high. When you think about it, everything is more expensive when you are building in a town like Telluride. It costs more to deliver materials, laborers cost more, the weather is a constant factor, and there is an endless list of reasons that drive up the cost of building in an isolated town like Telluride. Because SmartPads offers Telluride a modular home building option, we are able to offer a smart and efficient solution to folks looking to build a home. We build our homes in a facility, so we are able to build faster and stronger than traditionally-build homes. In fact, we can build a home in less than 4 months! We sell our homes at a fixed cost which is also a huge benefit to those looking to build in a rural mountain town such as Telluride. This minimizes budget blowouts and lengthy build times, which has been a constant struggle while building in mountain towns.

The term “modular” simply means that the home is built off-site. When you hear the terms “modular” or “prefab” is doesn’t mean the home is built with lesser quality. In fact, modular homes are typically built stronger to withstand transportation after completion.

SmartPads provides the Telluride marketplace with luxurious prefab homes that resell at a premium. We are a Colorado company that builds homes for the mountains. We build our homes to surpass all snow loads, engineering requirements, and all local building codes, giving our clients peace-of-mind throughout the process. Learn more about our luxurious prefab homes in Telluride by contacting us or visiting

Although Telluride, Colorado only has a population of 2,494, it is known around the world as one of the most exclusive and desirable mountain towns in the US. The town is situated in a box canyon, within a secluded corner of Southwest Colorado. It is surrounded by the San Juan Mountains and sits at an elevation of 8,750 feet. Telluride is known for its world-class skiing, incredible views, and small-town charm. From historic downtown Telluride, you can take a ride on the gondola to enjoy access to the outdoors. This is the only free gondola in North America and it connects Telluride with the resort town of Mountain Village.

Colorado’s largest free-falling waterfall, Bridal Veil Falls, is another natural wonder that fascinates visitors, along with wonderful hiking, biking, and water sports. Another charming attribute to Telluride is the plethora of shopping options. As a matter of fact, there are no chain restaurants or shops in Telluride, proving Telluride’s dedication to supporting local culture and business. Finally, Telluride has been famous for its summer festivals for many years. These events bring in continuous visitors throughout the year who are looking to enjoy the finer things in life amongst some of the most dramatic landscapes in the state of Colorado.


SmartPads offers the Breckenridge market an opportunity for luxurious, custom homes, at an attainable price-point. The challenge of building in Colorado mountain towns has escalated due to limited labor, weather delays, and higher cost of materials. SmartPads combats this challenge by building highly efficient and luxurious homes offsite and delivering them to the lot. Because SmartPads builds homes in an indoor facility, we can build at a faster and more efficient rate, delivering homes in as little as 4 months. When the home is delivered, it is 95% complete, including countertops, cabinets, wiring, paint, insulation, and flooring. This limits the need for extended on-site work after delivery.

Breckenridge sits at 9,603 feet in elevation and is conveniently located only 2 hours west of Denver. In addition to its well-known ski resort which offers 187 trails and the highest chairlift in North America, the town offers many conveniences and amenities. Get around town with its free transit system and enjoy its 100+ restaurants and 200+ shops. There are about 4800 year-round residents who call Breckenridge home and 560 acres of in-town open space, providing room for everyone to enjoy the outdoors. 


For anyone looking for a remote resort town with convenient access to the Denver metro area, the Frasier Valley is a great area to consider. The towns of Winter Park, Granby, Grand Lake, and all the other towns in the area offer a secluded, mountain environment, with incredible access to the outdoors. SmartPads provides the Winter Park/Granby/Grand Lake a solution to the continual challenge of time-consuming and pricy building projects. By building our homes at our facility, we are able to build a home with a wood frame, luxury finishes, and excellent insulation at a pace that is 3X-4X quicker than a site-built home. A quicker timeline translates to significant cost savings. Although it can still be challenging to find local labor, SmartPads minimizes the required on-site work, providing a less stressful and time-consuming build.

Winter Park is the closest ski resort to the Denver metro area. It is a great resort for enthusiasts of all ages and skill levels. The resort features over 3000 acres of terrain and city-dwellers can access the resort from Denver via the Winter Park Express on weekends during the winter months. Located in Grand County gives outdoor adventures great access to trails, fishing, hunting, and all sports with 75% of the land in the county is publicly owned. The Frasier Valley offers plenty of dining options and local shops, as well as a plethora of annual events, including the Summer Concert Series, beer and wine festivals, and rodeos.