Steamboat Springs, colorado

With over 20 years of real estate development and sales experience in Steamboat Springs, the SmartPads team has created a solution for building luxurious residential housing at an attainable price that is relevant across the state of Colorado.  Historically, building quality homes in mountain communities has been exceedingly more expensive than building on the front range or somewhere down the valley. The higher prices are typically a result of longer construction periods, higher shipping costs for materials, and little-to-no availability when looking to hire a consistent crew of contractors and sub-contractors. And of course, then there’s also the mountain weather to factor into the process.

Steamboat Springs

How has SmartPads overcome these challenges? SmartPads utilizes modular technology as a way to build upscale homes at a feasible price. Our homes are built with the same materials as a site-built home, however they are constructed at a higher level of strength because of the need to transport the home to the site.

This translates to a stronger, more efficient home that offers top-of-the-line finishes, materials, and designs. Because we build the homes at our facility, we can build at a significantly lower cost and deliver a completed home in as little as 3-4 months. The biggest savings that our clients experience are a result of our fixed price guarantee.

Once you select your plans and finishes, SmartPads never changes the price of the home. Taking away this cost variable results in less risk, resulting in comfort for our clients. Banks and lenders also love SmartPads homes, making a SmartPads home an ideal candidate for a construction loan.

Now, you might be wondering, what is the resale value for a SmartPads prefab home? The value of our homes has been proven in a variety of markets. We have seen our homes resold at record prices in communities throughout the state of Colorado, with benchmark sales in Steamboat Springs, Hayden, Leadville, and Winter Park. Want to learn more? 


The historic town of Steamboat Springs is located approximately 160 miles Northwest of Denver and is situated in the Yampa Valley. With national forest and wilderness areas surrounding the town, Steamboat is the perfect destination for adventurers. Originally an agricultural town, the area now houses nearly 14,000 residents and offers a unique blend of western heritage, friendly locals, and avid athletes.

Known by many as Ski Town USA, Steamboat has produced 95 winter Olympians and counting, making Ski Town USA home to more winter Olympians than any other town in North America. The champagne powder attracts visitors from around the globe in search of exceptional winter activities. The Steamboat Resort is one of the largest ski mountains in North America and offers nearly 3,000 acres of terrain with 165 trails, 18 lifts, and ski opportunities for all ages and skill levels.

In the early 1900s, Steamboat was known as a summer destination with its incredible access to fishing, hunting, and natural hot springs. To this day, it is still a hub for nature lovers. When the snow melts, the mountains are filled with bikers, hikers, rafters, and climbers. The Yampa River, which runs through town, is also a premier destination for fishing, floating, and enjoyment. For those looking to get out of town, access to nature is plentiful. Whether you are looking for the perfect place to hunt, fish, camp, or swim, the options are endless around Steamboat.


Based on your design choice, SmartPads will build luxury prefab homes starting at $255 – $275 SQ/FT for our larger homes. In addition to the home cost, the client is responsible for on-site costs, general contractor fees, and the delivery and setting of the home. Depending on the finish selections and level of customization, the cost of the home can increase. For Steamboat homes, there will often be upgrades to higher-end kitchen appliance packages and custom materials to be fitting with the caliber of home expected in the area. In the end, SmartPads could save a Steamboat homeowner hundreds of thousands of dollars compared to local construction costs.  

The 2 major savings associated with building a prefab home are time and money. In Steamboat Springs, home building costs can range from $375 – $700 SQ/FT.  SmartPads sells the home starting at $255 – $275 SQ/FT + on-site costs and all-in costs. SmartPads homes will save Steamboat Springs buyers around 10%-15% or around $50 + per SQ/FT to deliver a complete project. SmartPads prefab homes are also sold at a fixed cost, providing a solution to budget blowouts which often occur for site-built mountain town construction.

Based on your design choice, SmartPads will build luxury prefab homes starting at $255 – $275 SQ/FT for our larger homes. Typically, the home accounts for approximately 45%-60% of the overall budget depending on the design and topography. On-site costs include excavation, foundation, General Contractor fees, tap fees, delivery, etc. Depending on the finish selections and level of customization, the cost of the home can increase.

SmartPads can build a custom luxury single-family home in about 2 months before delivering to the homesite and depending on your local site completion time after the homes arrives, many projects are fully complete in 4 -6 months.

Yes. All SmartPads designs can be customized. SmartPads can also create a custom plan to match your needs at an additional cost.

SmartPads builds stick-frame homes using the strongest and most efficient materials available. Cedar and metal exterior siding, metal roofs, closed-cell foam insulation, high-altitude energy-efficient windows, and an array of luxury interior finishes including (but not limited to) granite, quartz, custom cabinetry, and more.

 To finance a SmartPads home custom luxury prefab home, you simply need a normal general construction loan from the lender of your choice. It’s no different from any construction loan for site-built homes. Usually, a local bank to your location is the best bet. Get ready to save lots of interest as your homes will be built considerably faster than traditional on-site construction.

Generally, prefab homes are allowed in every town in Colorado; however, each neighborhood has specific guidelines and requirements. You can check specific HOA guidelines by looking at the neighborhood covenants to ensure modular construction is allowed. A local realtor can also help with this.