Set Day for Luxury Prefab Home in Steamboat – Video

Hey there, SmartPads enthusiasts! Check out our most-watched YouTube video of 2023. It’s oddly captivating to witness the birth of one of our custom luxury prefab homes in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, all in just one day.

Set Day for a Custom Prefab Home in Steamboat Springs, Colorado

This home was designed to take in the sweeping views of Steamboat Springs, and you can see the ski mountain behind the house as our team cranes the home into place.

Watch as the prefab home comes together before your eyes in a speedy and smooth assembly process. It’s like watching a puzzle click into place. Although there is a lot of work that leads up to this day, set day always delivers a good dose of instant gratification.

Details Matter When Building a Home

What makes SmartPads stand out? It’s not just about speed; it’s about the little things. Behind the simplicity of the way these homes come together there is a complex engineering process to ensure our homes will withstand the rigors of mountain living. And design is what drives us–we get excited to create beautiful homes. We’ve mastered the art of merging efficiency with aesthetics.

Time is Money, and SmartPads Saves You Both

SmartPads’ top video of 2023 isn’t just about construction; it’s a sneak peek into the future of housing. Fast, efficient, and seriously cool, our prefab homes are an ideal solution to building a custom home in Colorado and the mountain West. This video is a front-row seat to the magic, and we’re stoked to have you along for the ride!

Learn More about Building Your Own Luxury Prefab Home

If you live in the Mountain West and are looking to build a new home, but are concerned about the high cost and long build times, as well as the complicated process of building a home then SmartPads has a solution for you. We’ve been building luxury prefabricated homes in the mountains since 2018. The SmartPads process reduces build time, keeps you on budget, and is a much more efficient building process than a site built home. Yet you still end up with a stunning home that is engineered for the mountains. Contact us today to learn more.

Why the Mountain West?

SmartPads is based in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, and our build facility is in Vernal, Utah. Our homes are designed for the rigors of mountain living. For the most cost efficient modular home build projects, it makes sense for those building in mountain towns to choose a builder that is designing homes for those conditions and is close enough to deliver the homes at a reasonable cost. It makes sense to build with SmartPads if you live in places such as Big Sky, Montana, Jackson Hole, Wyoming, any Colorado mountain town such as Breckenridge, Carbondale, Telluride, or Winter Park. And, of course, given that our build facility is in Vernal, Utah, it’s a quick drive to the Utah mountain towns like Heber City, Park City, and Snowbird. The thoughtful engineering of SmartPads homes make them a good fit for high desert living in places like Sedona, Arizona and Moab, Utah.