Luxury Prefab Home Built for Colorado Mountain Living

SmartPads provides the Colorado marketplace with luxury prefab homes and developments at a fixed-price. We create mountain-modern building solutions that are stylish, efficient, affordable and excellent for mountain living. We deliver the homes in shorter build times than what it would take for a traditional home to be built.

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Luxury prefab homes lead the way in the Colorado building industry with advances in technology, design and energy efficiency. SmartPads prefab homes, which are sometimes called luxury manufactured homes or luxury modular homes, are the ultimate Colorado living solution.

Now, don’t let any preconceived idea of the term “modular” or “prefab” turn you away. Our homes are built in an indoor controlled facility with superior engineering, which makes them stronger and more efficient than traditionally-built homes. Simply put, the term ”modular” or “prefab” implies the home is built off-site and delivered. In fact, any home or building you see can be built using modular technology.

These homes are so strong they can withstand transportation and be craned into place on a foundation. Thoughtful design, curated on-trend finishes, and precision building techniques culminate to a luxury custom Colorado home that is aspirational, yet attainable. We sell our homes at a fixed price – no surprises here – and we have seen our homes resale at record-breaking prices in multiple Colorado markets.

What’s unique about Colorado mountain living?

modern prefab homes for sale

Whether you’re after mountain vistas, easy access to hiking, biking, skiing, camping, and rafting, or more of a rural lifestyle, Colorado mountain towns offer all of this and so much more. The state offers brilliant landscapes of mountains, high plains, canyons, rivers, and forests, which add to making Colorado one of the most desirable places to live and visit. The easy proximity to getting outside and enjoying the mountains provides for a healthier lifestyle and lots of activity. Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, a lot of people have been moving to Colorado because we aren’t such a crowded state.

Now that most businesses have adapted to the work-from home-model, more people are moving from the city to the mountains and smaller communities throughout the state of Colorado for the quality of living. 

In Colorado, we also enjoy over 300 days of sunshine annually, along with four uniquely beautiful seasons. We are truly blessed to live in such a glorious part of the country.

So if you are planning to visit or live here permanently, make sure your home amplifies all that Colorado has to offer by choosing a SmartPads home.

At Smartpads, we invite you to learn more about our growing and exciting company. SmartPads homes are designed for Colorado mountain living and are built by Coloradans who understand what it takes to withstand the harsh winters and heavy snow loads while also providing designs that maximize the lifestyle offered by the mountains.

Our team has over 20 years of experience in real estate development, building, management, and sales. And we have combined living experience in Colorado of more than five decades. We are headquartered in the idyllic Steamboat Springs, Colorado, so mountain living is at our core, and we have infused this into each of our home designs. 

To learn more about our stylish, efficient and affordable prefab homes,  check out our designs and finishes at