Putting Luxury Touch on the Inside Design of Your SmartPads Home

At SmartPads, we are all about letting you customize both the inside and outside of your home to cater to your personal design preferences and living goals. For the inside, customization is available for all of the finishes including, cabinets and their handles, paint color, appliances, interior doors, countertops, flooring, sinks, faucets, bathroom tiles, kitchen backsplash, and more. Essentially, any customer can choose all of the finishes, so it’s a personalized design just for you! This is just one of the reasons we are known as the ultimate luxury custom home builders in Colorado.

What we find works best for the SmartPads luxury prefab home style are selections of companionable neutral colors, such as clean, white baseboard and tones of “agreeable grey” paint on the walls. We design SmartPads homes with a fairly neutral palette that includes tones of black and grey, with white surfaces for countertops. This allows the owner to create his or her color-popping palette by adding accents and the furniture of their choice to embellish a specific look. For instance, a bright red lamp or a blue lounge can make a room pop, and the furniture does not compete with the color palette of the structure. Instead, it enhances it.

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On the resale side, neutral palettes are a lot more appealing to not corner or massage a potential buyer into a specific color direction. A lot of people make mistakes by moving too deep in a particular direction with their interior design, but leaving this to the furniture to do what works best. We recommend you pick a theme for your color palette to make your home pop rather than clash.

A few tips to keep in mind when customizing the interior of your contemporary prefab home:

  • When it comes to appliances, customers aren’t limited with a selection and you have the opportunity to upgrade to a quality line of your choice (such as Wolf, Thermador, etc.). Consider how much use each appliance will receive, as well as the potential influence on resale values based on the brand you select. It’s preferable to select appliances that are all of the same brand, but this isn’t mandatory if something really catches your eye.
  • Trends in countertops have changed over the years. We recommend customers to pick a lighter shade of quartz or granite in a white or cream as it adds a fresh, mountain-modern feel to kitchens and bathrooms… and they are easier to keep clean as well.
  • There are some real quality options for engineered, waterproof wood flooring these days, such as those on offer from Pro-Teck and Pro-Gen, which add warmth and comfort to your mountain home. They are easy to maintain and deliver on the contemporary look you can expect from a SmartPads home.

No need to search on “prefab homes near me” “or “prefab homes Colorado” SmartPads has the solutions you’re looking for. To learn more about the options available to customize your SmartPads home, visit Or request a copy of our detailed brochure to review some of the customization choices on offer.