Spring Forward: Bring Your Mountain Home Out of Winter Hibernation

As the landscape thaws and nature begins its annual rebirth, it’s time to equip your mountain home to transition from winter’s grip to the vibrant energy of spring. While every SmartPads modular home is engineered and designed to withstand the rigors of mountain climates regular maintenance is still important for any home in the mountains. While the warmer months herald outdoor adventures and leisurely days, here are some tasks to ensure your home is primed for the changing seasons. 

Roof: Snow and ice are hard on roofs. An inspection should prioritize identifying damage caused by snow and ice accumulation, such as cracked or damaged metal roofing panels or membranes as well as assessing the integrity of the water protection barrier. Additionally, it’s essential to check for loose or damaged fasteners that may compromise the roof’s stability and tighten them as needed to ensure longevity

Siding: Have you noticed any drip lines where water is getting on the siding during the snowmelt? This is a great time to identify them and consider adding gutters or heat tape before next winter to keep water away from the home.

Radon: If you’ve installed a radon mitigation system, ensure it is working properly by conducting a test to verify that radon levels remain within safe limits, especially after the winter season when ventilation may have been limited due to closed windows and doors. While testing in the winter is ideal, before you open up your house in Spring is a good option as well. 

Smoke & Carbon Monoxide detectors: As you open up your house to the fresh air this is a great time to make sure all detectors are working properly by testing each unit, replacing batteries if necessary, and verifying that they are correctly positioned in key areas of the home to provide optimal coverage and early detection of any potential hazards.

HVAC System Check-Up: While many mountain homes do not have air conditioning, if yours does schedule a professional HVAC inspection and tune-up to ensure your heating and cooling systems are running efficiently as you transition from heating to cooling mode.

Gutters and Drainage: Clear out any debris from your gutters and ensure downspouts are directing water away from your home’s foundation to prevent water damage.

Driveway Maintenance: Schedule driveway sealing or DIY to protect against cracks and damage caused by winter weather.

Window and Screen Maintenance: Whether you schedule a cleaning or DIY, cleaning your windows inside and out will welcome the spring sunshine into your home. Whether you stored them for the winter or kept them in place now is the time to inspect screens for tears or damage and give them a clean. Repair or replace damaged screens to keep bugs out while enjoying fresh air indoors.

Snow Pile Management: If you didn’t get enough shoveling workouts this winter, we’ve got one more for you! Evenly spread towering snow piles across your yard using a shovel or snowblower to prevent water damage and promote healthy grass growth as they melt.

Hoses: As you pull them out of storage inspect your outdoor hoses for cracks or damage caused by freezing temperatures during winter. Replace any damaged hoses to prevent water wastage and potential water damage to your home’s exterior.

Snowblower Servicing: Service and properly store your snowblower to maintain its functionality and longevity until next winter.

Lawnmower Preparation: Get your lawnmower ready for action by performing routine maintenance tasks such as oil changes, blade sharpening, and checking for any necessary repairs.

view from a SmartPads mountain homeWhether you’re living in one of our luxury modular homes or not, these tips will ensure your mountain home is well-prepared to transition smoothly from winter to spring. With proper maintenance and attention to detail, you’ll be able to maintain the integrity and functionality of your home so you can spend more time out on the trails this summer!