2023’s Top 5 SmartPads Posts: Redefining Luxury Modular Homes

Beyond Blueprints: Unveiling the Top 5 SmartPads Social Media Moments of 2023

Sharing images and videos of both our custom design build homes and our favorite all-star homes is fun for us. And apparently the world of social media enjoys seeing our mountain modern homes come to life. We are lucky to have so many people following along with the SmartPads story as we expand from our beginnings in Steamboat Springs, Colorado to other mountain towns in Colorado as well as our first home in Montana. Reflecting back on 2023, it was interesting to see what posts resonated the most with our followers. Here are our top 5 Instagram posts from this past year.

Redefining Luxury Modular Living and Prefab Home Excellence

Besides just building really cool houses that are both creative in their design but also efficient to build is what lights us up. We’ve gotten a kick out of turning the story of modular or prefabricated construction on its head.

We all know building a home via modular construction can save time and money, which is a huge deal these days building in the mountains. But what people don’t expect is you can also get a really gorgeous home that is top quality in both the engineering for the rigors of mountain climates and also a stunning design. SmartPads homes have a distinct mountain modern look, and we put a lot of thought into creating designs that are functional and pack a lot of living without losing the spacious, airy feel we appreciate in our own homes.

Get Started Building Your Mountain Home!

If you are interested in learning more about building a home with SmartPads, please contact us, and with a little more information and we can get the process started.