Why Custom Modular Homes are the Best Building Solution?

SmartPads builds custom modular homes (also known as manufactured homes) at a fixed price. Pure and simple, having a fixed price you can bank on is the prefab advantage you get with SmartPads. 

As modular home manufacturers, we provide the state of Colorado  with modern, stylish, efficient designs that are also cost-effective. We make the modern prefab home building process less stressful, providing peace-of-mind and cost savings to our clients.

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We’ve found that when our clients partner with the right local General Contractor (GC), there are real savings for the owner. On the back end, these homes can resale at a premium based on modern designs, quality construction and finishes, and energy efficiency, making them a great investment opportunity.

To learn more about modular home companies, take a look at our designs so you can see what makes us different from other home builders in Colorado. Did you know any building can be constructed using modular technology? We use modular building methods to provide the best quality product at the lowest possible cost. We build the home in our facility with the same technique and materials as a typical stick-built home, yet it is designed to be shipped in modules rather than being built on-site. Because we ship our homes to location, our custom modular homes are built stronger to withstand trucking and craning into place and it takes nearly half the time to build. 

Advantage of Smart Pad Homes- 

modular home companies

Approximately half of your construction budget will be used for purchasing the SmartPads home design and selecting the finishes you want for your home. The other half will be the cost of GC to cover local site work and locally sourced builder’s materials (such as foundation, underground utilities, etc.), as well as preparation of the site (such as removal of trees or boulders, or adjusting the site work as needed if there is a steep slope).

Why consider a prebuilt home?

We bring a smart approach to building to manage risks, costs and time. Benefits include:

  • Higher quality. A prefab home is built to a higher degree of accuracy than site-built homes, is more energy efficient, and is built to withstand shipping so it is considerably stronger.
  • Faster build. Prefab modular homes are delivered and completed onsite much faster than stick-built homes, usually within 30 days or less.
  • Energy efficient. Your home is built with more exact tolerances reducing air infiltration, which accounts for up to 20% of the heating and cooling cost of a home.
  • Lower cost. Our construction methods reduce waste and expensive onsite labor, so we pass these savings on to you. 

Some people seem to have generalized and preconceived notions about prefab homes being cheaper and lower in quality. That’s an outdated view. Prefab homes come with many advantages as they can be built faster and for fewer costs than traditional home builds, and they are often of a higher quality as they are built in a facility with controlled conditions. 

Let’s start a conversation so you can learn more about the prefab advantage and find “prefab homes near me.” Please check out our designs at