Contemporary design for your modular homes by SmartPads

Did you know that you can completely custom design both the outside and the inside of your SmartPads home, choosing finishes for the siding, flooring, cabinets, and more? In this blog, we outline what can be customized on the outside of your SmartPads home, trends in design and the elements that best work together for custom homes in Colorado.

The SmartPads team of modern home builders has put together a curated set of finishes for the modular homes in Colorado, all of which are designed with a mountain-modern aesthetic. This includes things like the siding, stain color, and type of steel. We try to make sure there are not too many combinations of materials to keep it simplistic and clean looking, so typically, no more than two or three elements are used to keep the design tight and fresh. Each surface is augmented with the number of modules and how they are overlaid together. Different surfaces will have different materials to showcase the architectural flair.

contemporary prefab homes

We like to use high-grade quality commercial steel on the fascia, which is a little thicker than most facias, as it provides a look that is both elegant and sophisticated. Historically, builders would use wood fascia to create a rustic look, but we like to use steel to create a crisp mountain-modern look for our contemporary modular homes. The unique SmartPads look emerges by mixing in something complementary on different façades to bring the steel elements together, such as cedar wood paneling.

We use different cedar grades, from clean vertical grade cedar, which would be the highest cost, to rough sawn, which would be on the lower end of price tags. Our style is very tight reveals (such as one-eighth to one-quarter thick), which gives it a more linear and modern look while retaining a rustic feel, rather than the old-style V-groove. Between the linear look of the steel and the rustic complementary wood with the tight reveal, we end up with a modern and rustic combination perfect for Colorado mountain living. We lean more heavily on the modern, but we pay homage to the rustic style that is consistent with Colorado elegance.

For railings on balconies, we recommend steel with steel cables to give a seamless look and not to interrupt view corridors. Garages and doors should also be complementary and not deviate too far from the two or three elements that have been selected for the outside design.

All of the finishes available from SmartPads have been negotiated with suppliers to provide significant savings, which we pass on to our clients. Yet another reason why SmartPads prefab modern homes are a less expensive option than traditionally built homes and other modern home companies. In the event where we do not offer something on our website that you are looking for, we are always happy to accommodate the wishes of our clients.

Explore our current designs to get a feel for the unique SmartPads look and learn more about our story in this article.