For anyone looking for a remote resort town with convenient access to the Denver metro area, the Frasier Valley is a great area to consider. The towns of Winter Park, Granby, Grand Lake, and all the other towns in the area offer a secluded, mountain environment, with incredible access to the outdoors. SmartPads provides the Winter Park/Granby/Grand Lake a solution to the continual challenge of time-consuming and pricy building projects. By building our homes at our facility, we are able to build a home with a wood frame, luxury finishes, and excellent insulation at a pace that is 3X-4X quicker than a site-built home. A quicker timeline translates to significant cost savings. Although it can still be challenging to find local labor, SmartPads minimizes the required on-site work, providing a less stressful and time-consuming build.


Winter Park is the closest ski resort to the Denver metro area. It is a great resort for enthusiasts of all ages and skill levels. The resort features over 3000 acres of terrain and city-dwellers can access the resort from Denver via the Winter Park Express on weekends during the winter months. Located in Grand County gives outdoor adventures great access to trails, fishing, hunting, and all sports with 75% of the land in the county is publicly owned. The Frasier Valley offers plenty of dining options and local shops, as well as a plethora of annual events, including the Summer Concert Series, beer and wine festivals, and rodeos.





We advise clients to account for approximately 50% of the overall budget for the home, and the remaining 50% to account for on-site costs and delivery. SmartPads home prices start at $255 – $275 SQ/FT and change based on the level of customization, finish selections, and design choice.

The biggest savings associated with building a SmartPads home are money and time. Homes are sold at a fixed price and delivered in as little as 4 months.

Building homes in Winter Park can be a challenging and costly process. While building a site-built home can cost anywhere from $500-$1000 SQ/FT, SmartPads homes can be completed for as little as $255 – $275 SQ/FT, excluding the purchase of land.

Homes can be delivered in as little as 4 months.

SmartPads is proud to offer customization options to clients as they determine the best floor plan for their needs.

Although clients get to choose materials, SmartPads homes typically feature cedar and metal siding on the exterior, and luxurious finishes on the interior which include quartz countertops, high-grade appliances, hardwood or LVP flooring, and large window sets.

 Find a local lender who does construction loans and apply for a general construction loan.

Generally, yes, however, certain neighborhoods may have restrictions against modular construction. A local realtor should be able to help make this determination.