Why Local Prefab Homes are better than Amazon’s Prefab Homes

Amazon Enters the Prefab Homes Industry

Amazon has become a one-stop-shop for consumers all across the country. Whether you’re looking for everyday toiletries to the latest and greatest in tech or even a new rainbow cat sweatshirt, you can find it on Amazon. Now, Amazon is taking its never-ending list of inventory to new a new level: prefab homes.

In 2018, Amazon announced an investment in prefab homes called PlantPrefabs. The home-building startup creates prefab single- and multi-family homes Plant Prefab homes are modern and eco-friendly, and designed for an urban environment. Ranging from $5,000 to $500,000, homeowners can have a new house delivered within days.

While the concept draws on the anticipated comfort of buying a home from your already go-to online shop, there are risks and downfalls as well. Instead, consult with a company that specializes in custom prefab home designs so you can ensure that every detail fits your lifestyle and needs.

SmartPads: The Smarter Choice for Prefab Homes

At SmartPads, you can play a major role in designing your own prefab home by selecting your finishes, roof, amenities, and more from our virtual showroom. Whether your budget calls for mid-range to high-end finishes, you have total control of how your prefab home will be designed. Our builders work with you thoughtfully to make sure we build you the prefab home of your dreams.

In Colorado, prefab homes are perfect for the ever-growing demand for housing. If you want to build a brand new home, with a vision already in mind, partner with SmartPads to build the prefab home of your dreams. We design mountain townhomes that are completely tailored to the Colorado market and we are based in Steamboat Springs. Contact our team to learn more about building a Colorado prefab home.