Verticality and Building Efficiencies

Did you know it is less expensive and time-efficient to build a 2-story home than a ranch-style home with the same SQ/FT?   

Building homes with verticality vs. a wide low profile and larger, more elongated footprints, minimize the need for extensive excavation, foundation work, and more on-site construction, which translates to cost and time savings!   


Let’s take a look at two examples of the custom prefab designs by SmartPads. Take our Skyview design, as compared to the Winter Park design.   

The Skyview is a true custom modular design with 5 modules + garage. As you can see in the image below, this site-built garage is tucked under the 5th module, allowing SmartPads to complete this home approximately 90% before delivering to the site.  The extra garage footprint is minimal and is mostly roofed by the caretaker module, therefore, limiting the time and costs to build a separate foundation, roof system, etc. This home was completed from a shovel in the ground (and snow) in February and the home was sold in early July (5 months later) and could have been even faster if it was a summer build. The home was built at the SmartPads facility while all the foundation and excavation work was being done – essential completing two parts of the project at the same time. 


The Winter Park design is a 4-module prefab design that requires significantly more site-work. As indicated in the image below, the garage, deck, and breezeway, and lower floor were built on-site, increasing the footprint of the home, in addition to the cost and timeline of the project.  This build took 10 months as is not nearly as efficient compared to the Skyview and only approx. 40% of the home was fixed cost with SmartPads. 

The Winter park model still includes many SmartPads advantages of a pre-build home with 4 modules that are 95% complete (including, kitchen, bathroom, all flooring, paint, cabinetry, lighting, and more) and stacked on top of the lower level all in one day, however, because it needs substantial on-site-work, it costs more to build due to local mountain town pricing of materials, labor, therefore opening up to more risk of cost overages.  


Another benefit of building a multi-story home is the minimal footprint and more energy-efficient space – the simple verticality required fewer materials, insulation and reduces the heating cost per square foot. Here at SmartPads, we pride ourselves on providing “green” solutions while building homes and verticality is a green approach. 

If you are looking for an eco-friendly custom luxury prefab builder in Colorado, look no farther than SmartPads! Learn more about our building process at