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Introducing Smartpads’ new Digital Plans! We are excited to offer you complete sets of architectural, electrical and structural plans for some of our most sought after designs! Nearly permit-ready, we’ve converted our cutting edge modern prefab designs into improved, stick-built versions that can be built anywhere across the contiguous United States. Though we would prefer to build your dream home for you, these plans are perfect for those who exist outside of our shipping radius and are eager to build one of our luxury mountain homes in their local jurisdiction. Upon purchase each plan will be sent digitally in both PDF and AutoCAD filetypes, making it easy for your local G.C. or designer to edit our files as needed to get you through the permitting finish line. Take a look at what we’re currently offering, and don’t hesitate to reach out via our ‘Contact Us Form’ below with any questions, suggestions, or plans of ours that you’d like to see offered.







Garage Bays


Additional Features

Walk-in closet, mudroom / laundry room, kitchen pantry, mechanical closet, covered decks, architectural exposed beams at dining area ceiling.

Square Footages

Main Level

1,678 sq. ft.

Covered Decks

281 sq. ft.

Total Finished Area

1,678 sq. ft.

Exterior Dimensions


33’ 0”


73’ 0”

Maximum Height (measured from top of subfloor)

15’-3 ¾”

Construction Specs

Foundation Type


Exterior Wall Construction


Ceiling Type


Roof Pitches


Rake / Eave Overhangs

2’ / 3’

Min / Max Wall heights

8’-1 1/8” and 13’-0 1/8”

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The Steamboat Digital Plan FAQs

We’re glad you asked! We would love to build our signature prefab homes for you, but shipping and production constraints limit how many customers we can service each year. Though we would prefer to build your dream home for you, Our Digital Plans give you the ability to take our cutting edge, modern designs and hand them off to your own G.C. to be built traditionally anywhere in the United States. Plans are pre-engineered, and 90% complete! Since every jurisdiction is different, building code requirements, design criteria, and so on will vary greatly. All you need to do is source your own local G.C., engineer, or architect to fill in some blanks and put you through the finish line!

Each purchase includes a package that contains everything that you will need to set your dreams in motion! We provide a 36x24 PDF as well as the AutoCAD source file for easy handoff to / editing by your local engineer, architect, or general contractor.

 See ‘Plan Package Contents’ above for more information.

Since every jurisdiction has its own requirements, and our plans are not site specific, the following items are examples of what is not included in our plans and will need to be provided by your own engineer, architect, or general contractor.

  1. Site plans and vicinity maps
  2. Grading and drainage plans
  3. Mechanical or plumbing plans
  4. Engineering calcs and stamps of approval

Yes! Fill out a request form below. As a general rule, we prefer to take on smaller requests that do not significantly change the existing structural design. Examples of changes we provide are window / door changes, interior wall configurations, exterior material changes, or mirroring the plans. We will respond to all plan requests, however not all will be accepted. If accepted, you be provided with a lump-sum quote.

We encourage large change requests (such as adding a garage, changing roof pitches, or adding finished area) to be handled by your local architect or engineer.

These designs have already been approved and engineered. You select the finishes to customize your home. If you want to change the floorplans, minor modifications are often possible but may have an impact on the total cost of the home. If you are interested in a fully customized SmartPads home, we do offer a custom design-build option.

Your next steps will be to source a general contractor and – if needed – a local engineer. Work with them to make any final adjustments to our Digital Plans specific to your building site, and to edit sheets as needed to meet your local building codes.

Yes! We choose to consult with structural engineers for our Digital Plans that have national presences for this very reason. Contact us directly, and it’s likely that we can put you in touch with a firm that can seamlessly take your set of Digital Plans to permit-approval!

Yes. All of our plans are designed to meet the International Residential Code (IRC), and are designed specifically for construction in the United States.

Yes…It’s more commonly done than you may think. What’s even better is that our plans include the AutoCAD source file. Whomever you hire to continue your design will easily be able to edit things without the need to start over from scratch.

If you desire no additional changes, the building codes and design criteria, basic home information (address, owner, designers), insulation, and foundation designs will need to be updated / completed.

Within 24-48 hours – all provided digitally by email. Physical copies of plans can be provided upon request (and approval) for an additional fee.

Feel free to fill our request form below for more information, or email Brian Davidson at directly. We’ll be in touch shortly!

We currently do not offer affiliate marketing opportunities, however we would be interested to explore this idea more with the right person. Don’t hesitate to reach out!