Thanks for your inquiry with SmartPads, we would love to talk to you more about your potential project!

Our larger homes start at $215+ SQ/FT and are sold at a fixed price. On-site work is completed by a local General Contractor and can account for 40%-50% of the overall budget (this figure also includes estimate for delivery and home being set). Based on previous jobs we’ve done; the estimated completion cost would be between $320 – $370+ SQ/FT which includes the SmartPads home, and all on-site build out. This cost does not include the purchase of land, and assumes building on a relatively flat, smaller sized lot – Prices may vary on sloping lots there are myriad of factors that can easily increase costs including but not limited to steep grade, retaining walls, rock, long driveways, enhanced landscape plans, elaborate added decks etc.. I’ve also attached a pricing brochure for you to review.

At this time, we are taking orders for delivery in late spring 2022.