SmartPads Homes Landing in the Mountain West in 2023

Delivering SmartPads Modular Homes to the Mountain West

As we bid farewell to 2023, it’s time to reflect on a year filled with milestones for SmartPads. Our prefab homes, known for their blend of luxury, efficiency, and modern design, found their way to various corners of Colorado and the Mountain West, leaving a mark on communities seeking a modern approach to living.

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Steamboat Springs – Custom Design-Build Home with Sweeping Valley Views

Nestled in the heart of the mountains, Steamboat Springs welcomed a custom Design-Build SmartPads prefab home that overlooks the Yampa Valley. This home embraces the fusion of contemporary design and the charm of mountain living.

Telluride – Custom Design-Build Brings the Outdoors Inside

With views of ragged peaks in Telluride, a SmartPads home became a beacon of modern elegance and efficient design. The design not only exemplifies luxury, but it takes advantage of the natural beauty of the lot and brings the outside into the living spaces.

Gunnison – Efficient Steamboat Design Makes Home Ownership a Reality

In the valley below Crested Butte, a SmartPads prefab home brought a touch of innovation and made homeownership a reality to a hard-working couple. The efficient use of space of the Steamboat Design and quick building process resonated with residents seeking a blend of comfort and affordability.

Anaconda, MT – First SmartPads Home in Montana

SmartPads has established itself as a premier custom prefab and modular home builder in Colorado, but our end goal is to have homes in the all the Western states within a quick drive of our build facility in Utah. Given that we were excited to deliver our first Montana home to Anaconda in the fall of 2023. This gorgeous home is a great one to have as our first modular home in Montana.

Lake Agnes – Lakeside Living for a Custom Vacation Home

On the shores of remote Lake Agnes, a SmartPads home was delivered to be a vacation home for a family looking for a quiet retreat. The design of this home provides efficient living space, modern luxury, and serene views of the lake and surrounding mountains.

Leadville – A Mountain Retreat that Doubles as an Income-Generating Vacation Rental

Looking for efficiencies in building while not sacrificing quality and comfort, two families took advantage of SmartPads popular Leadville Design to create homes that can be used both as vacation retreats and also vacation rentals that generate income.

SmartPads luxury prefab homes already in the works for 2024

As we reflect on SmartPads’ journey in 2023, these towns stand as testaments to the diverse impact our prefab homes can have on communities across the West. Each delivery represents more than just a construction project; it’s a collaboration with homeowners to redefine the way homes are built in mountain towns. Stay tuned for more exciting projects in the coming year as SmartPads continues to shape the landscape of modern housing, one innovative delivery at a time.