Custom Prefab Home Interiors – Building the Home of Your Dreams

When you picture the home of your dreams, what comes to mind first? While some think of the exterior or the location, most people will agree a home really comes from the feeling you get from inside. You dream of the kitchen tiles and finishings, the layout of your living room, your floors, and the details that make your home distinctly yours. All of these features are at the heart of everybody’s “dream home.”

At SmartPads, you have the freedom to pick out all of these details and tailor them to your dreams. With every project, we discuss every detail with our client when it comes to designing their dream prefab home. Although a lot of our clients come in unsure whether the interior of their prefab home can be tailored to the level they want, we assure them every time that it is possible!

With hundreds of finishings to choose from, we are able to provide even greater flexibility than what conventional residential construction allows. Almost every detail of the interior, including all the finishes and appliances, is your blank canvas. You and only you choose all interior finishes. Countertops, cabinets, flooring, and more are yours to select. This brings fun, excitement, and enjoyment into the prefab experience.

With traditional construction, high-level customization of your home requires a lot of money. Many forms of customization are restricted to a premium price point which is often out of most buyers’ reach. At SmartPads, we select affordable, yet high-end finishings that allow for luxurious style and more money in your pocket. The choice is yours!

Contact us today to find out more. We’ll be glad to show you what prefab can do.