Custom Modular Home Building Goes to the Next Level: SmartPads and Clever Homes Partner on Boulder Project

Partnership for a Custom Modular Home

We are excited to announce a unique partnership between SmartPads and Toby Long of Clever Homes. This partnership elevates SmartPads’ commitment to custom, luxury home building, and we can’t wait for you to see the finished product!

fully custom modular home built by Clever Homes
This fully custom modular home was designed by Clever Homes and built in Olympic Village, CA

From Streamlined Efficiencies to Extreme Customization

Most SmartPads homeowners are originally drawn to us for our innovative design aesthetic and the efficiencies of our streamlined process. We have pushed the boundaries of modular construction with our design-build option, creating stunning custom homes. Our new partnership with Clever Homes introduces a new approach to building merging the advantages of modular construction with intricate and elaborate architecture. This hybrid approach combines modular and site built construction, redefining the possibilities of modular home building. 

Renderings of a custom modular home in Boulder, Colorado
A rendering of the home being built in Boulder, CO.

Teaming up to Design and Build

Toby Long of Clever Homes is renowned for his innovative designs using prefab and modular building strategies in California and the West. Inspired by a SmartPads home he had read about in Telluride, our client saw an opportunity to have Toby collaborate with SmartPads to build his home in Boulder. The result is a project that blends Clever Homes’ cutting-edge design with SmartPads’ modular efficiency for a stunning and sustainable home. We look forward to seeing the vision become a reality as we begin to build!

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