SmartPads is proud to offer custom modular homes to all of the mountain towns in Colorado. These towns include, and are not limited to, Leadville, Dillon, Carbondale, Gypsum, Eagle, Glenwood Springs, Buena Vista, Salida, Ridgeway, and Norwood. If your Colorado mountain town is not listed, SmartPads is still able to provide a housing solution for you.

We all know the challenges associated with building custom homes and know that building in flat, populated, and accessible areas typically result in being the most affordable options. For those looking to build a home in the mountain towns of Colorado, it is important to work with a building company that understands the challenges and knows the best approach to building a luxury dwelling in these conditions. SmartPads has created a solution for mountain towns in Colorado, who face unique challenges such as accessibility, weather, and limited local labor when building homes. Building a prefab home (or modular) simply means the home is built offsite and shipped to the building location. SmartPads is able to build custom, luxury, prefab homes at a designated building facility and deliver them to the location at nearly 95% complete. This minimizes the need for extended on-site labor and streamlines the building process by nearly 200%. Not only are our homes built faster, but they are also often stronger than site-built homes as they are engineered for craning and trucking. Now let’s talk price. SmartPads homes are sold at a fixed cost, and the on-site work is completed by a local General Contractor. While SmartPads is happy to refer GC’s, the on-site costs are not pre-determined, as each site and design plan has different requirements.

Interested in learning more about SmartPads? Our team is happy to provide answers to your questions and help you take steps towards your dream of living in the mountains!