What to look for when choosing a lot to build a SmartPads home on

I’m interested in your modern modular homes, but how do I choose a lot? 

This is a frequent question we receive here at SmartPads. Choosing the right lot can be a tricky process when looking for the ideal site for your SmartPads home. We have three simple tips we’d like to share to help make this process as streamlined as possible, as well as cost-effective, before you get too far ahead.  

Land Topography

When selecting a lot, the less excavation the better. This is the largest contributor to cost overruns during site prep, and the degree of excavation required can also greatly affect the build time. Consider things such as: 

  • Does the land have a lot of trees or boulders that will need to be removed?  
  • Is the land flat, in a valley, or on a steep slope? While we are adept at building custom homes to work on any type of lot, the amount of slope does impact design options and building costs.
  • How is the drainage on the lot? 

An easily accessible, level lot with utilities near the main road requires the least amount of site preparation. We also suggest a soil test before purchasing a lot. This is very important as it can have a ripple effect on the costs and the engineering required to build.  


An HOA covenants is a document registered on a title to a property that may prevent the land-owner from building on their section in a particular manner. Often these restrictions will relate to the type of building, the size of it, the number of buildings, and where exactly they can be located. Will the modern modular home you are envisioning work within your HOA rules? Explore if there are any covenants that might restrict what you want to build. For instance: 

  • Does the community allow prefab construction?  
  • Are there height restrictions or design guidelines that need to be followed? 
  • Are there roof pitch requirements?  

If there is a “DRB” (Architectural Design Review Board), checking with this committee is a great way to identify building requirements and restrictions. Your real estate agent should be a resource to help you with this process.  


It is important to make sure the lot can be accessible for a semi-truck as that is how our homes are shipped. Consider:  

  • Does the access road have any tight switchbacks or low hanging wires or branches that might need to be dealt with? 
  • Are there cattle guards, culverts, bridges or entry gates that would affect bringing a semi-truck with the homes to your site? 
  • Does the local neighborhood require parking permits or a special access road for a semi-truck to enter the community? 


When choosing a lot for your SmartPads home, it’s essential to assess the availability of utilities. Check if utilities are already on-site or if they need to be brought in, as this can significantly impact costs and timelines.

  • Electricity
  • Water (city or well)
  • Sewer or septic
  • Gas or propane
  • Solar 

For remote locations, extending utility lines can be challenging and expensive. Ensuring all necessary utilities are accessible is crucial for a smooth building process.

Let’s get started!  

We can deliver and set your SmartPads modern modular home almost anywhere you could build a regular house. Whether you want to live close to town or off-the-grid, SmartPads and a local real estate broker of your choice will provide you with the tools to find the right parcel of land.