The SmartPads process – How does it work to build a luxury modular home?

Building a modular home with SmartPads is an exciting journey, and we’re here to guide you through every step of the process. We believe in transparency, quality, and delivering homes that truly reflect your lifestyle and preferences. Here’s a comprehensive guide to understanding the SmartPads process:

steps to building a luxury modular home

1. Get Educated- Learn about building your luxury modular home

You’re ready to embark on the adventure of building a home. Take the time to learn about the various ways to accomplish that goal. Building a luxury modular home with SmartPads is a great way to build more efficiently in the mountains. Time is money, and we’ll save you both, plus there is less waste in the process. Check out our “Are you Ready to Build Checklist” to get a feel for what you need to do so you’re ready to get started. 

2. Get Organized- From budget to a GC partner, this is the time to lay the groundwork

Budget & Financing: Understanding your budget is crucial. Approximately half of your budget will go towards purchasing your SmartPads home, while the remainder will cover onsite work costs. Securing a construction loan is the next step. Our team can assist you in finding the right loan product and connecting you with trusted lenders. Rest assured, modular homes are on equal lending terms as site-built homes.

The Lot: Your dream home deserves the perfect location. Whether you envision being off the grid or want to be right in town, we can build your SmartPads home almost anywhere. Our custom design process allows us to work with a variety of topographies, but keep in mind flat lots often result in lower infrastructure costs. It is best to already own a lot or have a few lots identified before you begin the process with SmartPads. 

General Contractor: While we take care of the bulk of building your luxury modular home at our facility in Utah, working with a local general contractor is essential for managing your project efficiently. Your GC will oversee onsite work, including hiring the necessary crew, site preparation, foundation installation, setting the home, and overall construction supervision.

3. Get Connected with the SmartPads team

Now is the time when the team at SmartPads steps in to help you take the next step in your new home journey. If you haven’t already, fill out this contact form to get the most current luxury modular home designs and pricing, and then we’ll send you info to set up a consultation call. At this point there will be a lot of back and forth where we’ll answer all the questions that come up as you make your plans. This process wraps up with a pre-contract meeting and signing your contract to get in line for your home to be built! 

custom design build modular home in Colorado

4. Get Going- Design your luxury modular home

At SmartPads, we blend luxury with functionality to create stunning homes. From open floorplans to high ceilings and carefully curated finishes, our designs exude a mountain-contemporary aesthetic that’s both elegant and practical. Your first decision will be whether to choose one of our proven designs, which is the most efficient and cost-effective strategy, or start from scratch with a custom design-build home. There is an option in between those two which is to modify and customize one of our proven designs. At the heart of our business we are a custom builder using the advantages of modular and prefab construction to make for a more efficient building process.  

Choosing your finishes is the next part of this process. This is where your home really becomes your own. Building a SmartPads home offers you the ability to choose your finishes in a way that saves  time and lots of headaches. From countertops to lighting and siding to appliances, we have a curated range of high-end quality finishes to make your home just right for you. Our team will walk you through the finish selection process that is streamlined while offering a high level of customization. 

kitchen finishes of a luxury modular home in Colorado

5. Get Ready- Foundation and site preparation & then your mods arrive!

As your home is being built in our Utah facility, there is work happening on your build site. Depending on your land, site work may be extensive. Your GC will manage the process, from clearing the site to pouring the foundation, ensuring everything is in place for your home’s arrival. This can often be the most time-consuming part of the build, as our crews have been known to finish the home construction in our production facility before the foundation work is completed.

We’ll be sending weekly updates once we begin building your luxury modular home, and then you’ll get the opportunity for a site visit prior to your home being shipped. One of the most thrilling moments in the process is seeing your home delivered and set on its foundation – all in a single day! Witness your vision come to life before your eyes as the mods arrive on the big trucks one at a time, get craned into place by the set crew, and the meticulously stitched together. Modular and prefabricated construction may have had a bad rap before SmartPads came along, but we have changed the narrative with the level of quality, engineering, and style of our homes. Set day is an exciting one! 

This video shows the arrival of the mods and the setting of a luxurious home built in Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

6. Get Living- Make it yours

With SmartPads, your dream home becomes a reality faster than with traditional construction methods. Our process saves you time and money, so you can spend more time on the trails and less time waiting for your home to be finished. After set day, your GC will have some finish work to complete. Depending on the level of customization this can be a quick process or take a while. As that work is finished up, you’re getting ready to move in and start making it your own, knowing you’ve invested in quality, luxury, and functionality.

Building a home is a journey that requires vision and hard work. At SmartPads, we’re committed to making that journey as seamless and rewarding as possible.