5 Reasons why Prefab Homes are More Sustainable

In America, green building solutions for homes and developments are rising in popularity – and for good reasons. Builders, designers, and homeowners are experiencing some amazing benefits from choosing sustainable design strategies that not only impact their health but the land too.

Prefab models and tiny homes are one of the biggest trends in the sustainable building movement. They are energy-efficient, good for the environment, healthy and clean, and often really stunning with luxurious finishes. Read below to find out the top five ways prefab homes are contributing to a more green world.

1) Waste Reduction: Since our homes are being built through a factory-controlled process, the construction phase is naturally more material- and resource-efficient. Our homes are assembled in a controlled environment. In the facility, we are eliminating the waste that comes from weather factors and construction-site theft, reducing overall construction waste by up to 80%. Furthermore, since our homes are delivered in a nearly-completed condition, we limit any onsite waste.

2) Energy-Efficient: With a SmartPads home, say hello to lower energy bills. Our homes are built with more exact tolerances reducing air infiltration, which accounts for up to 20% of the heating and cooling cost of a home. Lastly, our homes typically use low-energy light bulbs, including CFLs or LEDs, which are more durable and saves you more energy.

3) Whole House HEPA Filtration Units: These ensure healthy indoor air quality and are effective at removing particles down to .3 microns and larger. They collect dust, mold, spores, and viruses. HEPA filters are the #1 choice of physicians and are often used in hospital operating rooms, where clean air environments are required.

4) Energy and Heat Recovery Ventilators (HRV’s / ERV’S): These are an energy efficient way to achieve, healthy, fresh air in a super insulated home. They exhaust the stale, humid air and bring in fresh outside air to keep your home fresh and healthy.

5) Better Built: A prefab home is built to a higher degree of accuracy. They are built to stricter tolerances and are more energy efficient. In addition, because factory-built components are built to withstand shipping, they are generally built stronger than site built homes.

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