Are prefab homes less expensive than traditionally built homes?

In general, the home will cost less than a site-built home and you may save $75 SQ/FT by purchasing a prefab, modular home from SmartPads. Partnering with the right General Contractor will also influence savings. Compare and make smart choices.

Traditional Home   SmartPads Home
$25,000 to $50,000ArchitectureZero (included in fixed price)
$10,000 to 15,000EngineeringZero (included in fixed price)
12 to 15 monthsTime to Build3 to 6 months
12 to 15 months rent while building new house (e.g. $2,500/month = $30,000 to $37,500)Displacement Cost12 to 15 months rent while building new house (e.g. $2,500/month = $30,000 to $37,500)
Extra 6 to 9 months interestConstruction Build Interest
Variable and affected by weatherStrength & DurabilityEngineered to transport with high tolerances
4 to 5 onsite dumpsters and haul away costWaste1 to 2 dumpsters and haul away cost
Add 10% to 15% on top of estimateContingency Over Build CostZero (included in fixed price)

SmartPads’ Shasta design was recently built in Steamboat Springs and delivered savings in excess of $80,000 when compared to what it would have cost if someone followed the traditional building route.